Roger Emerson
Choral Arranger/Composer/Musician/Educator


Sing 6-7-8!

"The adolescent years can be a challenge for any choir director - to say the least! But now, Roger Emerson has written a book - and not just any book, but one that is forged by years of teaching at this level and years of successful composing, guest conducting and leading workshops throughout the world. With topics ranging from recruiting to discipline, and from the adolescent voice to administrators and budgets, this text is an absolute must for either the novice or the seasoned veteran who teaches and loves middle school singers." -

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Pop Warm-Ups and Work-Outs for Guys

"Unchanged, changing or changed male singers in middle school and high school may need a little extra help in "finding" their singing voices. Roger Emerson has developed a series of warm-ups that use excerpts from classic rock and roll tunes that will provide the motivation and repetition they need to do just that. Each song features limited ranges; the pattern starts in a moderate range and gradually ascends into the tenor range and descends through the bass range as needed. The professionally-produced CD recording presents each exercise with vocals so your guys have a model to emulate. Exercises are based on the following songs: The Addams Family Theme; Theme from "Jaws;" Jump, Jive an' Wail; Land of a Thousand Dances; Mission: Impossible Theme; Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye; Shake, Rattle and Roll; Smoke on the Water; We Will Rock You." -

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Pop Warm-Ups and Work-outs for Choir

"Following the success of Pop Warm-ups and Workouts for Guys, Roger Emerson has created this series of warm-ups for all choirs using classic rock and roll tunes to build vocal skills while having fun! Each of the warm-ups provides a focus objective, suggested learning outcomes, and related choral literature for young and developing ensembles. Concepts covered include: vowel shapes, resonance, breath control, head voice and falsetto, articulation and diction and much more! The warm-ups are based on these pop classics: At the Hop; Do-Re-Mi; Don't Stop Believin'; Good Vibrations; Hound Dog; Lean on Me; The Longest Time; Spinning Wheel; Thriller and Witch Doctor." -

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